Quintessential Querencia (Her Story)

Querencia DefinitionThe journey had brought us to the home of four individuals and the welcoming, open arms to many more that touched their every day lives. Their extended love spread throughout the city of Victoria and you could feel it. Up to this point in what I (Jenny) loving called the Unconditional Love Tour, I had been sick and was cleansing and releasing energies for two weeks as had so many others. After safely making it across the Canadian border, Skye and I settled in. “His” friends – from his former days in Calgary, Alberta – became my friends very quickly and together we began exploring the edges of intentional community and the very fringes of trending consciousness.

For years, I had experienced an overflow of rejection and manipulation in community experiences. I had watched as others around me pointed fingers, whispered behind closed doors, and exchanged emotions that would go unspoken forever or until an outburst was paramount. Through the healing application of unconditional love from friends in the Encinitas (CA) community that I was introduced to by another vivacious Canadian in August 2013, many of the walls that I had in community had come crashing down. In the two weeks leading up to our stay at the Healing Farm known as Querencia, Skye and I had also broken through limiting barriers that were keeping us from ecstatic freedom in our partnership.

By this time, that had all transformed in each of our minds. I was seeing community and partnership in a whole different light. We came in to the doors of Querencia consciously knowing full-well that everyone around us was also a reflection of us. Slowly but surely, each member of the tribe confided their stories with us. As each opened up in transparency and vulnerability, we were able to see patterns that we never would have thought were possible to break! (I speak for my Self, I had never watched/observed patterns in myself and others that I had been given the opportunity to speak out in Truth and Love to before with such clarity!)

I was ecstatic, overjoyed! Here we were, learning about permaculture, hugelkultur’s (Please let me put one in your backyard), and gardening. I was remembering my deep love of nature, insects, animals, and the natural processes that take place in the growth of sustenance. Each member of the house had their unique flavor of expression, Divine in its own right and absolutely Perfect. My mind was expanding at an accelerated rate and I could not stop singing improvised song while walking around the fire pit across the tops of the forest-provided seating. Nor could I keep my mouth shut with the overflow of Illuminations that were spilling over.

My body was in a complete state of rest and relaxation, yet buzzing with energies from this vortex set in the astrological center of Victoria, BC. In their eyes, I could see the love within my Self. “Where have you been hiding?” I said to my Self. I was comfortably self-aware and continually prepared for the challenge to love a little deeper. I saw Impeccability, Valour, Honour, Perfection, and the insights kept flowing. Perhaps if you asked them, they would tell you I was difficult to keep up with – awakening ever more each moment. But if you ask me, I would tell you it was only because of their reflection that I was doing so.

This is what I live for. This is why I die to my Self for community, for Interdependence with the all creation, The Collective Tribe. This inexpressible Unity that resides – not in the words being spoken or the notes being sung – but in the silence, the stillness, in between the pulse. This is where the magic happens. Our week came to a prolific climax in a Circle of Gratitude, extending into the vulnerable topics that all communities feel energetically yet sometimes do not have the courage to speak into. Through all of our collective fears, doubts, and confusion, we walked through the darkness and to the other side of the veil with a willingness to learn to speak out our needs and wants.

As I write this, the Querencia family is gathered around a sacred fire with members of the community, offering support with their warmth and pure honesty. While I have headed home to San Diego, the lessons that I learned from the hearts that were opened to us have allowed me to accept and integrate more Peace that passes understanding. It is my greatest honour to take these awakenings and scatter the seeds throughout the soil of my every day life and beyond. I know now what it is to be in intentional and unconditional community through their model and for this I am grateful.

With love and gratitude,

The Collective

Why “Her Story”? Skye and Jenny are currently embarking on the Unconditional Love Tour (#ULT @skyejennytct) via different spots on the map. Until their next convergence, they will be sharing their collective journalism continuing as The Collective (We are all “Interconnected” – Hear Jenny’s song now on SoundCloud). This particular piece of the Chapter that has ended concludes with “His Story” and can be found at this link.


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