We are now looking for characters to form this core dream team!

 Imagine a magical school bus that is home and transportation to a half dozen creative characters – artists, visionaries, storytellers, crafters, dreamers, performers, and musicians – all sharing their unique perspective of an incredible collaborative adventure through their personal creativity. The bus is fueled by recycled vegetable oil, powered by solar, and contributed to by an entire community of passionate people giving through their gifts. Where is it going and what are these goofballs doing on the bus? That’s where you come in!


The transmedia storytelling adventure of The Collective Tribe is being created and shared by the characters involved in its telling. This page features each core character to the story, although it is by no means an exhaustive list of the numerous people in the community participating. These core characters each bring a unique flavour and set of skills to offer the community and contribute to the story. With multiple perspectives to the adventure told through diverse and complimentary creative mediums, our story takes on new depths of relatability and broadens the reach of our message.

The way the story is told depends on the creative gifts of the characters. We are still forming, so potential mediums include written narrative, song, poetry, painting, photography, video, movement art – the only limit is your imagination!


Skye Dreamer

~vision nurturer, project wizard, and nature artist~

SkyeDreamerSkye is an avid nature artist, author and storyteller, creative communitarian, and field trip facilitator; versatile and passionate in all forms of his work. His mission is to reconnect people to their love of nature through creativity, imagination, and play. This simple mission guides Skye’s work and play each day as he aims to empower people in their actions and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Skye has been experimenting with his expression of Living in the Gift since leaving traditional employment and graduating from the University of Calgary with a BCOMM in April 2012. For four years now he has dedicated himself to the path of working to thrive through his creativity and exploring the emerging gift economy. This included a two-and-a-half year gift based

business called “Eden’s Cove”, which offered a floatation tank to the community in his homecity of Calgary, AB. He also devoted over three years to starting and building a local chapter of the global social change movement called “Evolver”. Evolver Calgary hosted numerous events, workshops, intentional parties, and community networking opportunities. When May of 2014 rolled around, Skye took to the road and has been traveling North America ever since.

skyestorywebThe recent nomadic chapter provided the fertile soil for Skye to discover and develop new passions, including writing three books and diving into his love of making nature art and fascination with the growing Ecosexual movement. His love for the Earth is expressed through his art and writing, with the intention of inviting others to fall in love with our home as inspiration to protect and give back to the Earth and each other.

You can follow Skye’s transmedia storytelling adventure at www.skyedreamer.ca


Polly Orr

~Plant friend, Playful Poet, Rainbow Shaker~

Polly Orr is a dancer moved to grove by every rhythm of Life. She has twirled her way through an arts degree, many art collectives, and hundreds of poems. Her most proud mischievous acts include getting an A+ in a class she never took, putting on full Fairy regalia to go grocery shopping, and her growing kinship with bugs.
As an engaged student of Life her ongoing studies include Community and the Structures of Belonging, How to Nurture Emotional Intelligence, and Living As A Rainbow 101.
Polly believes in the power of hugs, tears, and laughter. She will share any of these (and just about anything else) any time you ask. And please-do ask. Nothing makes her Heart shine brighter than sharing.
You can follow Polly on her Instagram – @polly.the poet and  @polly.the.painter