How to Get Involved

This is your invitation to join the story and become a part of creating something magical. Whatever it is you love to do or have to contribute, there are many ways to get involved.

We are already a team of 50 strong and growing!

The Collective Tribe is a community of artists and intellects, dreamers and doers, and healers and helpers - working to co-create the more beautiful world we know to be possible. We see the world for what it is, balancing what the world has to offer now (realism) with an awareness of what potential beauty awaits in the future (idealism). We know the only limit is our imaginations!

The solutions-based transmedia storytelling adventure is a collaborative, community focused project from start to finish. We create a space for each person in the community to give back to the larger vision in whatever way they are most passionate about and to participate as much or as little as desired. This is the foundation of the philosophy of the gift through which The Bus operates.

When enough people are behind a common mission and are inspired to give through their personal gifts, anything is possible. 

Some quick ways to support

  • Join The Collective Tribe facebook page or request to be in the Dreamweaver Bus group.
  • Check out our upcoming quests and sign up to come along
  • Spread the word! Post anything from the story (website, photos, posts, blogs, etc.) with your friends and community on social media
  • Become a sponsor or partner with The Collective Tribe (details below)
  • Check out what we need for The Bus project and let us know if you want to support in any way
  • Apply to be a part of the core team!

Core Applications

 What would you do with an open canvas the size of a 40 foot school bus? We are looking to form a core team of eight to take on the creative direction of this collective project. You would become one character of a much larger tail of wonder and adventure, featuring practical and down-to-Earth models of a more beautiful world. Dreamers, artists, photographers, performers, teachers, crafters, misfits, and mishaps are welcome!

Teamwork makes the dream work!


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The Bus Conversion

There is a lot of fun work, skill sharing, and collaborative possibilities with preparing The Bus for its continued service and mission to provide space for the sharing of gifts. The various needs are divided into five categories of capital: space, material, human skills, equipment, and financial. You can find a more detailed breakdown on this page

Each of the first four forms of capital requirements are sought within the community directly. Offers to fill each need (i.e. in the form of time or materials) are ‘votes’ for the project by the community. This shows the support and desire to see the project come to fruition and reverses the ‘money first’ mentality that guides, but cannot ensure, a successful project. 

Money is an incredibly useful tool and rather than have the focus on this (yes, we still need it) - we create the invitation for people to fill the direct needs (most of what the money would be used for) through what we call purposeful gifting.  

Click here to find out more about The Bus Conversion project.

The Bus Needs (% filled)

Human Skills/Time
Equipment (tools)

Sponsoring, Creative Investment, and Partnership

The Collective Tribe is about creating mutually supportive, interdependent relationships of giving and receiving. We invite people to open themselves to the philosophy of the gift, while we also recognize the very real need for financial capital. It's not that we don't like money - we simply want to tune into the tangible needs and relational support of community underneath the money, while using the dollars we do have a little differently. 

The money that is needed for the start up of this project is detailed on this page and its source, nature, and use all shared in transparency. Ultimately, this is a collective spending experiment with a focus on building a trusting support network and launching point for people wishing to thrive through their creative passions. In other words, we want to have enough for our expenses with more to give back to the community. 

We are looking for people who would like to become a financial sponsor, creative investor, or a community partner. Sponsorship can be anything from a one time donation, a recurring donation, or a loan to help us continue expanding the vision and services. Our projected completion needs are $8000 and we need help to get there. Every dollar helps!

Community partners are any local organizations, groups, or businesses that want to build a relationship of mutual support - collaborating through whatever we are able to offer each other. This can be an invitation to a service mission with The Bus, teaming up for an event, or cross-pollinating communities. 

Know that your contribution is put to good use and helps immensely with creating this new model of community service. All is shared in transparency to build trust. 

 To donate, click the button at the bottom of the page or contact us to start a dialogue

Additional Funding Strategies:

  • Mini-feature events - getting out and showing people what we want to do even before we have he Dreamweaver Bus complete
  • Crowd-funding campaign - develop fun challenges to engage the community, make some wicked swag, grow the tribe!
  • Build the core team with dedicated investments from people excited about the potential