The New Paradigm Hempery is a farm and community of hemp supporters who are using HEMP to help usher in the New Paradigm. At the Hempery we explore various gardening and farming techniques and focus on turning all our hemp into food, coffee, medicine and other products with the support of other organizations and individuals.  We are keen to leverage hemp to heal the planet and humans while at the same time creating viable business ventures.

The BIG Vision for the NPH

The vision is to build communities that are self sustaining, regenerating the earth and co-existing in peace and prosperity. Hemp (gardening, farming, processing, creating, manufacturing, education, etc.) will enable these communities to generate revenue and sustain themselves financially through the creation of real useful products such as food, fuel, textiles, paper, plastics, etc.

Check out this awesome video interview that was recently made about hemp and the farm and all the amazing work they are doing there!

This summer, the Dreamweaver Bus is excited to partner with the New Paradigm Hempery for a few rewarding opportunities. Read on for more details and links to the Hempery website. Collaborations include:

  • Revelstoke Spring Planting Symphony: April 26 – May 1, 2020
  • Planting and Community Building at the farm for the month of May and late September, 2020 for harvesting.
  • Art4Life Kids Camp and Gratitude Week: July 7 – 12th, 2020 – follow the link for more details for the kids camp!

Spring Planting Symphonies

Here are some details for the spring planting symphonies with the New Paradigm Hempery. The Dreamweaver Bus will be part of each, either for transportation and/or accommodations for your stay. For any questions and to register for any of the symphonies, you will need to contact the hempery at either (403) 589-7006 or email to

  • Revelstoke Trip on the Dreamweaver Bus – April 26-May 1 – join 12 other hemp enthusiasts on an exciting, one-week adventure to Revelstoke. The NPH secured a second location on one acre and we will be traveling there to plant, eat, work, play, and celebrate the spring together.
  • Planting Symphony 1 – at the NPH near Cremona, AB – May 22 – 24
  • Planting Symphony 2 – at the NPH near Cremona, AB – May 29 – 31
  • Planting Symphony 3 – at the NPH near Cremona, AB – June 5 – 7
  • *Each symphony will be a work-trade opportunity at the farm, with learning about hemp, getting some hands on experience in the field, being fed delicious nourishment, and connecting with other like-minded individuals with a focus on building community. The Dreamweaver Bus will be parked at the farm during the symphonies to provide shelter, accommodations, and power to the helpers.