The Dreamweaver Bus is a collaborative, community focused project from start to finish. What better way to implement, practice, and propagate working solutions with the world than by actually doing it! The solutions-based transmedia storytelling adventure will feature quests to different communities, projects, and events with a team of helpers to give back. Invitations are received by the community, the bus provides the means to get there, and the characters provide the skills and creative mediums to share the adventure online with the world.

We want to come and help with your project!

The Dreamweaver Bus provides opportunity to bring a small team of helping hands and eager hearts to come to your community project. This service is open to those in the community to participate in and invite along for any projects. Potential ideas include park clean ups, river trash collection, partnering with community events, local community garden building, helping with out-of-city sustainable living projects, and outdoor family park play-time. With a strong community support, service and play opportunities will be abundant.

We are open for invitations to assist and learn about what you are working on for the more beautiful world we are co-creating. In addition to the on-the-ground support, and as a part of our growing community, the characters of this story will share your vision with the world through unique mediums of creativity and art.

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Our Message

  1. By maximizing value to the community, a positive feedback loop of giving and receiving is created that is fueled by the experience of gratitude and meaning.
  2. Providing the opportunity for people to be immersed in a supportive environment allows them to better connect with themselves and each other. This then activates within every individual the abilities and confidence to create positive changes in their own lives, which then ripples into the whole world.
  3. Opportunity is the gift of crisis. The solutions to living harmoniously with the planet exist and are ready to be practiced as more people are affected by the crisis of breakdown.
  4. Hands-on experience is one of the best ways to not only learn new skills, but also to build strong, supportive relationships between people. When we learn to give back in service while working together and communicating openly, we are laying the foundation for a better world.