What’s New This Year?

We are going to be doing the summer adventure a little bit differently this year. In order to better ensure the expenses to move the Dreamweaver Bus are met, each trip is being proposed with a required funding goal. The funds required are based on the operating costs (every $ needed to keep the wheels moving) per kilometer. After crunching the numbers from the last 7 tour seasons the operating cost is averaged out to $1.38/km. This number is multiplied by the number of kms for each trip and the funding goal is determined. Your pledge towards that goal will help determine whether the trip is a go if the total is met.

What You Are Supporting

As a supporter of the Dreamweaver Bus adventures, you are helping bring this unique experience to many people. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with nature and each other. It’s a place to be playful and make new friends. It’s a chance to go on an adventure of a lifetime!

At the core of the Dreamweaver Bus is the story of the gift. We recognize that all of what we do is made possible thanks to the gifts and support of others, and that generosity inspires us to offer back the best value we can, together.

If you see a specific trip you would like to pledge to (details below), then there are two ways to make a donation – either as a direct receiver or as an indirect supporter.

  1. Direct Receiver – This is for people who will be attending the event they are donating to in person.
    ->You can sign up to travel to/from the event on the Dreamweaver Bus.
    ->You can reserve one of the 5 beds on the bus to sleep on at the event.
    ->You can use the kitchen, compost toilet, storage, and solar power the bus will bring.
    ->You can camp with the Dreamweaver Bus to enjoy the communal kitchen, new friends, fun activities, and a cozy bamboo dome.

  2. Indirect Supporter – This is for people who will not be attending in person, but would like to contribute to ensure the Dreamweaver Bus offerings can be enjoyed by others. The sanctuary and supportive space created by the DWBus is not only enjoyed by the many people at camp, but also by people in the greater event. We host open mics, theme camps, music jams, workshops, nap times, and many other exciting gifts. The bus also runs on waste veggie oil and sports a stellar array of solar power to share with the community. Your contributions will also make sure direct receivers are able to enjoy the bus amenities by helping the trip happen.

How to Pledge, Propose or Get Involved

If you are keen on becoming either a direct receiver or an indirect supporter for any of the proposed trips this season, please reach out to Skye. If you would like to propose a trip or adventure for you or your friends, please also reach out to Skye. Same goes for any questions, comments, or queries. You can contact Skye on facebook (Skye Dreamer), through text message (403-922-3647), or email at iamskyedreamer@gmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: Until a trip is given the green light to go, your pledge is a verbal/written promise that is only collected on if the trip receives the funding required to go. The progress bars for each one will be updated regularly and you will be contacted when the goal is reached in order to receive the actual donation. If a trip is not fully funded 2 weeks before the trip, it will be cancelled.

The monetary pledges are an invitation for you to help us realize the collective vision. All funds go directly into the Dreamweaver Bus for the ongoing enjoyment of others. All contributions and costs are openly shared with transparency.




OFFERING: Transportation To/From, Communal Camp, Festival Set Up, Full Bus Amenities





OFFERING: Transportation To/From, “Haggardville” Theme Camp with food, Event Volunteering, Full Bus Amenities