A Solutions-Based, Transmedia Storytelling Adventure

Transmedia storytelling is the technique of telling a single story or story experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies. It involves creating content that engages an audience using various techniques to permeate their daily lives. This develops into stories across multiple forms of media in order to deliver unique pieces of content in each channel. Importantly, these pieces of content are not only linked together, but are in narrative synchronization with each other.

— Source: Wikipedia.org


Overloaded with messages of crisis and breakdown in today’s world, humanity is craving fulfilling and inspiring stories of a brighter future. The solutions to our problems exist and are becoming more available to the masses each day. As we work together towards this future we discover the truth that more for you is more for me and our individual struggles become collective victories. This transmedia storytelling adventure is our way of discovering, learning, growing, and sharing a model for a harmonious and regenerative home. The world is ripe for change; and with a relatable, inspiring, playful, and down-to-earth model for this collaborative, solutions-based project, our story becomes your story – servings to amplify our potential to change.

This website serves as a central hub to the transmedia story. Our current bus project will be the primary physical feature for the beginning of this story as we come together to collaborate on a dream. Now that the bus is operational, the story is shifting into the service missions and community projects we are invited to. Around the core of the bus are the characters and storytellers of this playful adventure.


The way the story is told depends on the creative gifts of the characters involved. We are still forming, so potential mediums include written narrative, song, poetry, painting, photography, video, movement art – the only limit is your imagination! All are shared through this website and various social media sites; each character and medium adding breadth, depth, and perspective to the story.


Our story is as unique as the people involved in creating it.

What story is coming to life through you?