– An epic journey to multiple permaculture sites around Alberta and into BC –

Have you felt like there is a more beautiful and harmonious way to live in this world that our cookie-cutter, urban neighbourhoods do not allow for? Is there a deeper calling in you to learn and develop your Earth-based lifestyle?

Permaculture is exploding around the world as an accessible and adaptable, solutions-based approach to reuniting humanity with the rest of our global family through a local, community focus. The simple solutions are catching on as we learn to unearth the opportunities born of crisis…

What better way to learn about harmonious living than to jump right into it?

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems. The word permaculture originally referred to “permanent agriculture”, but was expanded to stand also for “permanent culture”, as it was understood that social aspects were integral to a truly sustainable system…

— Source: Wikipedia

Based on a foundation of core values, Permaculture encompasses all aspects of life and offers an observational approach to relating to one’s environment. It’s definition is as varied as the landscapes upon which its principles are applied. Permaculture recognizes that what works for one may not work for another, but when we actively listen and respond to the needs of the community we are able to celebrate diversity and create resilient ecosystems.

The Dreamweaver Bus is looking for a team of permaculture enthusiats (new or seasoned welcome) who are ready to embark on an epic quest of sustainable living and hands-on skill practice. Do you love animals, plants, Earth, water, or people? The umbrella of permaculture offers something of interest to everyone and we are offering this quest as an opportunity to unearth your inner Earth passions. Participants must be willing to embrace an intimate living and traveling experience on the bus, with multiple road trips to each destination. We will be sharing living quarters, meals, and travel space for the duration of the 10 day quest. 

This permaculture site tour will immerse you in a direct experience of social permaculture while we learn from, and practice with, other enthusiasts and models of this holistic school of thought. It is a perfect environment to dive deep into the values and principles of permaculture while being part of a fun tribe and learning from people incorporating permy-solutions into their lives already. If you are already well-versed in permaculture or are eager to begin your journey down this avenue, this trip ideal for inspiring and amplifying your Earth-dreams. Take some time out of your busy life and get back to nature on this exciting quest to unearth your green gifts.

If you are feeling called to get dirty, get inspired practice, and get collaborative, Permaculture Unearthed will provide the fertile soil to get your inner fruit juices flowing with harmonious possibilities!

Read on to absorb the full details and to grab a seat on this epic quest!

The Quest

This 10 day adventure will take you and nine other questers to a handful of locations in Alberta and BC to learn and get some hands-on practice in the realms of permaculture. It won’t all be work though; the quest will have plenty of fun, play, conversation, connection, and maybe even a hot springs stop in the mountains. This is your chance to tap into a new perspective on life and to uncover tools that will fuel your dreams, inspire your life, and make lasting friendships. Specific locations/destinations are in the works and will be updated when they are confirmed.

The Quick Glance

WhatA ten-day, nine-night adventure to various permaculture sites for camping and hands-on learning. 

When: Departing on Friday, June 12th at 10am, returning Sunday, June 21st

Where: Departure and return are from Calgary, AB and the permaculture sites/destinations will be in AB and BC

Who: Room for 10 eager beavers, ready to dive into permaculture as part of a mini tribe.

WhyTo create a space for creativity, learning, play, and connection to emerge through the inspiration of nature; a chance to unplug from the digital world and root into the wisdom of the outdoors

How: By signing up and supporting the Dreamweaver Bus with a deposit of $150. Full details below!

The Dirty Details

What you will receive from Permaculture Unearthed
  • Transportation from/to Calgary on a spacious, cozy, veggie fueled bus with solar power and travel tunes
  • A road trip and ten days of great company, engaging conversations, time to catch up on z’s, and plenty of opportunity to learn about permaculture
  • Tours, Q&A, and hands-on practice at various permaculture sites around Alberta and BC with overnight camping
  • A full kitchen with stove, water, dishes, and refrigerator on the bus
  • Bathroom with outdoor shower, rainwater harvesting, and compost toilet
  • Indoor desk space to create, with power to charge any necessary devices
  • Meals and snacks provided for the duration of the trip
  • Campfire’s and group feedback/idea bouncing sessions to amplify the inspiration and integrate the learnings
  • Specific details on each site/destination – TBD

  • The four bunk beds and double private room at the back of the bus will be offered to the first to register. Beds include sleeping space on the bus with decorative curtains, bedding, cozy foamies, personal storage cubbies for belongings, warm LED lighting, outlets to charge devices, and a cooling fan for hot mornings.
  • The remaining participants will need to bring camping gear for outside (or an option to choose if you prefer this arrangement) sleeping. If you need any camping gear we do have some extras.
  • It will be an intimate trip on the bus but you will be surprised how easily you can find personal space when you have the entire outdoors at your doorstep! All part of the experience!

  • Meals will be provided, however you are encouraged to bring any personal snacks you may want to enjoy. We will likely be stopping to restock on food at some point during the trip in case you need anything else.
  • We will be sharing meals as part of the community experience. Part of the application includes any dietary restrictions for us to include in planning.


The Dreamweaver Bus is all about the spirit of the gift. This means that we believe everyone has something of value to offer and the dream weaving happens when we invite people to be a part of the vision.

In order to balance financial needs for the bus and to offer an accessible adventure to you, we are asking for a personal contribution of $650 per person for the 10 day adventure. A deposit of $150 is required to reserve your seat and the remaining is due before departure. You can either etransfer or paypal the deposit to iamskyedreamer@gmail.com – make sure you include contact information!

In the spirit of the gift we also acknowledge and welcome alternative contributions. All money received goes back into the Dreamweaver Bus, ensuring it is able to continue creating value, but that is not the only way to give back and support the mission.

Here are a few ways you can offset the $650 request:

  • Refer a friend and if they join you can apply a $44 reduction
  • Help with the bus preparations during the months leading up to make it awesome for our journey with time or materials. Or assist with the planning and preparation of this retreat. Please contact us to discuss this option, or join the Dreamweaver Bus Facebook Group for updates. Time is ‘paid’ with $20/hr credit towards any Dreamweaver Quest.
  • Request a scholarship or payment plan (based on need and commitment to the retreat)
  • Give more than $650 to help support the participants with greater financial need.

Registration will be open on March 14th, 2020  and close on May 31st, 2020 (or when full).  For more information, or to register, please contact iamskyedreamer@gmail.com