Taking care of each other and our planet is a core pillar of The Collective Tribe. Without the chance to ‘unplug’ from our lives and reflect on our direction and personal choices, we can end up creating more of the same problems we face. Wild and free time in nature is essential to human well-being and he Dreamweaver Bus provides an opportunity (both facilitated and open) to explore the healing power of nature. We nurture and inspire positive changes in the lives of many by awakening our love for the Earth within the hearts of the people.

Nature Quests

The Dreamweaver Bus offers a variety of outdoor camping adventures, both core chosen and community directed. You can check out our quest page to see what we have planned, or contact us directly with your own group idea to use the bus for weaving together your dream quest.

By immersing people in a natural environment we provide the opportunity for them to rediscover their childhood curiosity, wonder, and love for the ecology of the planet. When we directly experience the impact and empowerment of immersion in nature, we plant the seeds for a greater connection to ourselves, our collective home, and each other. These quests can include creative sabbaticals, camping trips, permaculture tours, or any other fun adventure you can think of!

2018 Nature Quests

Wild Creativity: Unplugged – A creative sabbatical in the wild’s of nature –

Permaculture Unearthed Tour – A journey to multiple permaculture sites around Alberta –

Simple Living Practice

The growing trend of interest and experimentation with mobile living is born of a call to those ready for a more simple way of living. A Nature Quest on the bus is a great place to try it out on a short trial. Personal experience shows that living in a small space on wheels is a perfect environment for becoming more aware of one’s impact and consumption in the world. When living in a mobile vehicle it is easy to really get a sense of how much electricity one uses, how much garbage one produces, and how much water is utilized and wasted. When your home is everywhere you are, an expansion of the concept of ‘home’ sparks an inner desire to take care of whatever place you are in. With this awareness, the Dreamweaver Bus creates a space for people to become more environmentally conscious in their daily lives beyond the bus.

The tiny home experience gives people the opportunity to practice living simpler, and in that simplicity we discover that often living with less can mean living with more. By connecting with others in this smaller home-space, he Dreamweaver Bus creates a chance for people to learn to live together cohesively through communication, trust, and collective contribution.

Nature Art Field Tripsskye sound

When we take time to be in nature, freed from our daily distractions, we reconnect to the truth within each of our hearts and become empowered and free in our own lives. During these field trips you will rediscover the joy and peacefulness of being in nature through the exploration and creation of Nature Art, facilitated teamwork activities, outdoor trust practice, and leadership games.  These play-focused field trips are perfect for any age and encourage participants to discover their creative confidence and childhood wonder through the senses.

The rejuvenation and healing potential found through immersion and interaction with the natural world combine with our creative imagination to uncover new forms, shapes, and colours of empowered self-expression.

Contact us if you want to plan a Nature Art Field Trip, Nature Quest, or request to join one of our already planned quests!