Do you have chapters of your book tucked away in a box? Are there ten new paintings dancing around in your head? Do you have stacks of napkins with genius ideas written on the back? 

The impulse to create is what makes you an artist. And we all know it can be tricky to carve out time and find the space to do what we love. We somehow find hours tucked next to midnight and minutes hiding between daily tasks, but when was the last time your creativity was your number one priority?

We would like to give the gift of an opportunity to do just that!

The Dreamweaver Bus is looking for a team of adventurers who are ready to commit to their vision and spend some dedicated time engaging their art in the wild. Do you love to paint, write, photograph, sketch, video, or make popsicle stick figures? We welcome any and all of it! Participants must be willing to embrace a quiet, technology-free environment in the woods (exception made for digital mediums) for five days and four nights. This creative sabbatical will surround you with other artists as we co-create the space for you to deep dive into your flow. This collective container will serve to amplify focus and inspiration in our individual projects. If the woods speak to you, this will be an ideal environment to listen to the silence within and hear the dreams that are calling you to create. With devoted space and time away from city life and daily obligations, you will finally have the opportunity to kick-start an idea or vision in mind, move deeper into a current project, find resolutions to creative blocks, or contemplate a completely new direction to go. 

If you are feeling called to get messy, get inspired, get collaborative, and get back to your roots, Wild Creativity: Unplugged will provide the fertile soil to nurture the next steps toward receiving and giving the gift that you are.

Read on to absorb the full details and grab a seat on this epic quest!

The Quest

Traveling to a secluded region of Kananaskis AB, this retreat will be an opportunity to connect deeply with nature and to allow your creative practice to blossom, without the everyday distractions of city life. The bulk of the five day quest will be devoted to the free flow of inspiration and spontaneous creativity; however, there will also be opportunities for collaboration, conversation, gift giving, and adventure. We respect each individual’s creative process and personal freedom to participate only as you feel inclined. 

“Science is demonstrating what we intuitively know: Nature makes us happy” and we are wired to be outside!

The Quick Glance

WhatA five-day, four-night adventure into nature for camping, connecting, and space to focus on creative outlets and reflection. 

When: Thursday, August 29, 2019 (morning departure) to Monday, September 2, 2019 (late afternoon return)

Where: Departure and return are in Calgary, AB and the retreat destination will be off-grid in Kananaskis

Who: Room for 8 creative artists, ready to dive into their process and flow as part of a mini tribe

WhyTo create a space for creativity to emerge through the inspiration of wild nature; a chance to unplug from the digital world and root into the wisdom of the outdoors

How: By signing up and supporting the Dreamweaver Bus with a deposit of $100. Full details below!

The Dirty Details

What you will receive from Wild Creativity: Unplugged
  • Transportation from/to Calgary on a spacious, cozy, veggie fueled bus with solar power and travel tunes
  • A road trip and five days of great company, engaging conversations, time to catch up on z’s, and space for arting, adventuring, communing with nature, or doing nothing – whatever you are in the mood for
  • A 22 foot, bamboo geodesic dome shelter for a creative container or a little R&R
  • A full kitchen with stove, water, dishes, and refrigerator on the bus
  • Bathroom with outdoor shower, rainwater harvesting, and compost toilet
  • Indoor desk space to create, with power to charge any necessary devices needed for creativity
  • Breakfast and lunch provided with shared dinners (3 per day – details below)
  • Campfire’s and group feedback/idea bouncing sessions to amplify the inspiration
  • Workshops, Learning Labs, and Adventure Time sessions sprinkled throughout the duration to mix things up

  • The four bunk beds and double private room at the back of the bus will be offered to the first to register. Beds include sleeping space on the bus with decorative curtains, personal storage cubbies for belongings, warm LED lighting, outlets to charge devices, and a cooling fan for hot mornings.
  • 2 of the 8 participants will need to bring camping gear for outside  sleeping.
  • You would be surprised how easily you can find personal space when you have an entire forest at your doorstep!

  • As part of your retreat, breakfasts (4) and lunches (4) will be provided each day so you have the freedom to dive into your creative process.
  • Dinners will be coordinated as part of a meal share. Each participant will be asked to plan, provide, and cook one dinner during the retreat for the rest of the group. You will pair up with someone before the quest to make a team. The meal share is intended to be an opportunity to share our edible creativity and to build a more communal experience.
  • Part of the application includes any dietary restrictions for us to include in planning.


The Dreamweaver Bus is all about the spirit of the gift. This means that we believe everyone has something of value to offer and the dream weaving happens when we invite people to be a part of the vision.

In order to balance operating costs for the bus and to offer an accessible adventure to artists, we are asking for a contribution of $246 to join the retreat. A deposit of $100 is required to reserve your seat and the remaining is due before departure.

In the spirit of the gift we also acknowledge and welcome alternative contributions. All money received goes back into making the Dreamweaver Bus roll into the future, but that is not the only way to give back and support.

Here are a few ways you can offset the $246 request:

  • Offer to facilitate a learning lab, workshop, or adventure time quest of your choice with the tribe. Ideally 1-2 hours, and apply a $44 credit
  • Refer a friend and if they join you can apply a $44 credit
  • Help with the bus renovation project during the summer to make it awesome for our journey with time or materials. Or assist with the planning and preparation of this retreat. Please contact us to discuss this option
  • Request a scholarship (based on need and commitment to the retreat)
  • Give more than $246 to help support the participants with greater financial need.

Registration is open now and closes on August 25th (or when spots are full).  AS OF AUG 3, THERE ARE ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT! For more information, please contact