Exploring the Heart of Roberts Creek

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Exploring the Heart of Roberts Creek

An air of calm excitation surrounded me as I hopped on the first bus along the day’s transit. My gracious Victoria hosts saw me off to my next destination and the first invitation for the collective: the honour to facilitate an evening gathering exploring a gift economy and the medicine of community. But I digress; this particular chapter is about the beautiful beings living on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

After two buses and two ferry rides I was greeted by a bubbly forest fairy who immediately ensured that I felt welcomed and at home. Food was shared in a small group with a wonderful meal ritual: telling the story of each ingredient that came together to create the meal before us. This is the connective magic of the stories that accompany gifts.

What kind of agreements can we make in community that support the free flow of all creativity?

The community of Roberts Creek opened their homes and hearts to this nomadic visitor without hesitation. I quickly became aware of the sense of belonging the beings of this isolated (from roads) coastal settlement experienced in this magical place. Fresh organic produce at the very personal farmers market. A deep knowledge and connection to the plants and land around. A feeling of knowing toward the other people in the community. The courage to explore alternative solutions to our collectively felt present planetary crises. The support to enter more deeply into the emerging stories of interbeing and creativity. An evening circle council to create space for the vulnerable intimacy we all crave. A profound respect for the allies of the world. A trust and love for the Grandmother. This is Unity.

During my short visit Roberts Creek became my home. I arrived and asked how I could be of service and in return I was shown generosity and support that exceeds measure. My beautiful forest fairy host gave me a tour of the section of our collective home she is stewarding, a space called the Forest Atrium. Already home for builders and growers, this community space is establishing roots that will grow into a flourishing hub of connection and love. The opening of a tiny home to rest my mind, heart, and body at the end of each day went above and beyond generosity. This is Truth.

Situated on four acres, the lush and vibrantly green Forest Atrium is a playground for creative projects. The brothers and sisters who call it home painted the pictures of their visions for me as we walked the space together. Blackberries, salmonberries, huckleberries, and medicinal plants abound. A permaculture food forest being watered for a nearby future of thriving nourishment. Observation and awareness merging to instigate action for positive choices affecting the fluorescence of future generations. This is Beauty.

With a light drizzle falling from a cloudy sky the bus arrived to whisk me back to Magic in Victoria. My heart filled with love, gratitude, and acceptance as I gave a fond farewell to my giggly host. This is Illumination.

This is the Collective Tribe. Connecting gifts with needs. Creating our dreams together.

Follow your inspiration. Trust in the flow.

The Collective



To connect with the incredible people and projects and places of Roberts Creek, check out:

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