The Prema Sai Sanctuary


There are few businesses in Calgary devoted to the health and happiness of the individual human spirit. Indeed, even less that have a compassionate heart at the helm, directing the course of its service ship.

It was a serendipitous turn of events that unfolded into a moment of connection with one such heart.

I walked into the basement of my home with a woman who had made the journey to experience the relaxation of the floatation tank my friends and I offered to the community of Calgary. She had an air of confidence, strength, and motherly nurturance about her. This was not her first time in the tank so our conversation was able to drift into other topics.

On this one particular occasion, I shared with her the upcoming dissolution of our home, Eden’s Cove, and the uncertain future of the floatation tank we had all grown to love. Sensing this, and reaching into her big heart of generosity, she found a solution and offered a most Queenly gift: the continued care and operation of the floatation tank at her holistic healing space called Prema Sai.

Included in this gift, she offered to support me financially so that I could pursue my dream of travel. I was floored at such a gift to be presented! During the final months of the operation at Eden’s Cove, we further developed our relationship of trust and reciprocity. This seed sprouted into the source of my ability to be free to travel and be of service as I desired for an entire year, as well as a beneficial expansion of the services at Prema Sai.

Flash forward.

Walking into Prema Sai, I could not help but feel the wash of relaxation over my entire being. Intricate and artistic pebbles covered the floor in a dance of Earthly expression. A bright and vibrant tropical fish tank added to the peaceful ambiance of the entrance to this space of healing. The people I saw leaving were exuding an aura of calm that flowed in stark contrast to the concrete stress outside.

I was greeted with a warm smile and embrace from the animatedly beautiful conductor of healing at the front desk. She had taken on the role of caregiver to the newly installed floatation tank and was excited that I had come to try it out in its new home. As we shared stories of adventures in time past, she took me to the room where the tank sat and showed me where I could shower and prepare for the session.

After a few more loving exchanges, the spritely one dashed off to return to her duties at the front lines. I got myself ready for the float and washed my body in the shower. Closing the door to the room, I turned the lights down, put in my ear plugs to block the sounds of the world, and immersed myself in the silent, still waters of the floatation tank.

Home again.

I felt my body relaxing in pockets I had not been aware were tense. I let the water hold me, like an embryo in a mother’s womb. My thoughts drifted and my mind began to quiet. Positioning myself in the middle of the tank, I tuned into the caress of the slowing ripples that marked the transition between the air and water elements. As the water calmed, the boundary of my body began to expand and dissolve.

I could hear the air flowing in and out of my lungs. I could feel my heart beating in my chest and pulsing the blood throughout my body. Amidst the stillness, my sense doors began to open in anticipation of something to perceive. Nothing. It is quiet. The tensions leave the body.

A moment passes and I hear the knock on the door to mark the end of the float, distant at first, and then closer as I return in form. I wiggle my fingers and toes to make sure I remember how. A few quick stretches activate my body sensations and I open the lid to the tank, ready to create a happy day. Gratitude is flooding out of me for this relaxation opportunity and for the inspiring and compassionate people behind its offering.

Thank you Charis and Prema Sai!


If you wish to visit Prema Sai to receive any of their incredible services, including using their floatation tank, check out their website here!