Sex, Money, and Friendship: Creativity is the New Prosperity

Sex, Money, and Friendship

The flow of creativity has a pace of its own. When we find ourselves immersed in a labour of love, all notions of time seem to get tossed out of the window. Our focus centers on the present moment task at hand and hours dissolve as artist merges with the art. Falling into a rhythm dictated by the will of the creation, we watch as form emerges from formlessness. The sculpture already exists in the material, the tool merely exposes the hidden form.

In the first of this foundational series we explored many of the underlying stories embedded within our cultural institutions, organizations, economies, and societal structures. Remembering our roles as writers and actors of these stories empowers each of us as individuals within a collective to take responsibility for our present moment and the choices that led us here. When we become aware of the feedback loop between the stories we tell and our experience of life, an inner shift occurs that is reflected into the world. It is the stories and experiences of interbeing that are amplifying the collapse of a centuries old worldview of separation and sending out the clarion call of reunion.

The structure to this new story is one that is being co-created by each and every one of us. Our expression of it is what we call living in the gift – an attitude of gratitude – with the intention of manifesting the World of the Gift. To create a structure that frees the creative energies of humanity on a global scale is no small order. It requires a complete revamp of all the stories that hold our understanding of the world together. It requires an inner shift at a depth that few willingly face, and that many will be encountering today. We do not change the world by setting out to change the world. We create change by being the very embodiment of that which we choose to create.

Each of the following eight chapters explore four different (yet similar) intentions underlying gift relationships. Gift relationships are ones that recognize and celebrate our interconnection, and in our storymaping language, through gratitude, trust, support, and intimacy. Based on the universal flow of the double torus, this structure creates 64 unique gift relationships, each with an underlying intention, or purpose. At the center of the torus is an intimate partnership. We want to stress that by no means should individuals who are not currently in an intimate partnership feel as though there is nothing to gleam from this structure. It is applicable to all types of relationships. The intimate partnership is the encapsulation of the three other intentions of trust, gratitude, and support – the intensive practice grounds – the three-in-one – the amplifying lens of the love of community. This partnership is the container for four of the 64 relationships.

Flowing into and out of each partner are thirty other relationships, totaling sixty, with fifteen directed ‘in’ and fifteen directed ‘out’. These could also be called ‘receiving’ and ‘giving’ focused. The fifteen are broken into three sets of five, one set intended as sponsorship, one as friendship, and one as kinship. The boundaries are blurred when we really get down to it, but the underlying essence of each is slightly different, as each relationship is unique. This is why the structure is more of an art than a science – there is no specific method that will return calculated results. By embodying the torus shape we are provided with the opportunity to ‘give around the corner’. This is when we give to someone with no expectation of return and receive from another source in another form at another time. It is trust manifest in abundance with the hope of inspiring others to continue to build their own gifting relationship torus.

Enjoy the story,

Deiadora and Skye (of The Collective Tribe)

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