Heart Boldness: Finding Security in Feeling Uncertain


Allowing the Seeds to Sprout

The times are calling for a new song to be emanating from our home, Earth. We are becoming aware of the possibility that everything we know in our lives can change at any time. In fact, all it takes is an instant. A text message. A phone call. We can make all the plans we want for the future yet the truth still remains: it is ultimately out of our hands.

By releasing our grip and relinquishing our control over some time in the future, we realize that we do in fact have creative power in our lives. We can make decisions, affirm action, and become the person we want to be. We see a vision of ourselves at some point in the future and take steps in that direction. Through these two half truths, we welcome a great paradoxical dance of life. Through these truths, we learn the art of heart boldness – stepping into confident trust of the present moment by finding inner security, amidst feelings of uncertainty.

Feelings of uncertainty are symptoms of a transitioning of stories, a “time between stories” to quote Charles Eisenstein. A new understanding of life and a new way of relating to each other is giving rise to new stories of the people that are outside of the current status quo that is rapidly changing. One characteristic of these new stories is that they are inherently unknown, at least, to any degree of certainty. Not only is this transition occurring globally, it is amplifying its intensity each day. The steam is bursting from the built up pressure in the sealed pot – just look on the news.

The transition into new stories of the people are absolutely required so that humanity can remember its true role on this planet. We choose how smooth or bumpy the ride is with our attitude towards the ride. As the intensity appears to speed up in our lives, so too does the uncertainty as we are bombarded with fears from our ancestral genetics, karmic past, and conditioning. All fear is connected to the unknown. It’s no wonder so many fear the dark – we are free to project our worst nightmares onto it.

Center into your heart boldness of the present now. You know your truth. You know your security. Everything is okay. There is nothing wrong with you. You are a Creator of life. Now, face your fears and step into your gifts. We believe in you!

In Gratitude,

The Collective Tribe

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