The Collective Tribe’s Gift Culture Jam Tour Launch Day!

What kind of a world would blossom from the free flowing waters of human creativity?

How would you feel being born into a world, freed from survival anxiety and the worries of making enough to live?

What if we were greeted with the message, “Welcome to Earth! You are completely supported in the discovery and giving back of your unique creative services to our collective home. We are excited to see what you come up with!”


Emerging economic discourse is focusing on this new way of supporting life. It is the concept of a universal living allowance, a guaranteed minimum income for all in order to relieve the pressures of poverty and its associated survival anxiety. A way for parents to be paid to be parents. Artists to be free to create art. Inventors supported to invent. Dreamers grounded to dream.

It is a new economic message, one that trusts in peoples’ innate desire to be generous, kind, and cooperative, one that knows we find meaning in service, and one that creates the environment for the flowering of humanity’s creative potential. As with all top-down solutions, there is a mirrored individual action that is found through personal empowerment.

skyefestival As a glocal (global + local) community of cultural creatives, The Collective Tribe recognizes each of  our essential individual contributions to the whole of humanity and is dedicated to empower,  inspire, and celebrate individuals into doing what they love. Structured as a transmedia storytelling  adventure, The Collective Tribe’s Gift Culture Jam Tour is intended to create a new story of money,  one founded upon relationships within a gift economy.

As more of us step into our purposeful roles of service and model the gift economy, we invite our  communities to do the same. Together, we remind people that they are loved, free, and supported in  the manifestation of their dreams by simply being it. We witness generosity and think, “If they can afford to be generous, I can too.” It is the stories of generosity, forgiveness, and grace that empower and inspire humanity into a World of the heart on 5

After one year of incubating, experimenting, and refining our gifts, The Collective Tribe is calling for support to take our mission on the road. The Gift Culture Jam Tour is our way of embodying our deepest expression of the World of the Gift and breaking down the perpetual patterns that keep individuals in creative entropy. By ‘culture jamming‘ with first-hand experiences of the gift economy we open people to the unity in community.

The Gift Culture Jam Tour is in service to:

Your contributions will enable us to offer gifting circles at events and communal spaces, share our time to provide uplifting music and poetry on the streets, provide food to hungry people, and gift bookswritingsnature art affirmation cards, tribal jewelry, and dreamcatchers along the tour.


Your support collaborates in the flourishing of a new story of the world and amplifies the impact of The Collective Tribe’s giving. Our dream is to gather the support required in order to manifest a self-sustaining tour of living in the gift, opening humanity to the potential of this world for all of those who wish to live it.

If you wish to find out more about how to help us co-create this transmedia storytelling adventure of the World of the Gift, check out our indiegogo campaign. To follow The Collective Tribe and learn more about our mission you can read our website.

In gratitude,

Skye and Deiadora, of The Collective Tribe