It’s Not About the Money: A New Story of Philanthropy

It's Not About the Money

We are learning to see again. The blindfolds that we once wore to keep out the light have fallen off and we are remembering. A time has come and gone in which we have collectively experienced a dark night of the soul, a sort of amnesia that left us in a space of forgetfulness.

So we wrote stories. We wrote stories to remember. Hundreds of them. Thousands. Millions. So many stories that we started thinking we were separate. We wanted to remember ourselves so badly, and yet the very thing that was keeping us from knowing our wholeness, our inter-connection, was also of our own inception. Our stories that we have built around us are now rising to the surface to be seen, to be known, to be released.

We welcome you to join us on a story-mapping journey of our unstorying of money. Framed upon the four pillars of collective journalism, “It’s Not About the Money” takes us on an expedition through the Beauty, Unity, Truth, and Illumination that is sprouting in response to the collective call for a new story of money. As we mirror the four pillars to total eight, we are reflecting back the perfection of Humanity and creating an invitation to co-create the World of the Gift.

Skye and Deiadora of The Collective Tribe

Follow this link to our payhip page where you can download the full PDF version as gift with our open receptivity to any value-after-experience inspired support.

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