A Summer Recap

Camp Heart On - Shambhala

The month of July came and went, as Skye Dreamer and I traveled across the beautiful planes to Northern Alberta in our camper named Magic (Carpet). Our eight-hour drive brought us to the sacred space of Astral Harvest, a down-to-earth transformative festival filled with music, dance, and family. The essence of the spirit of the four-day event brought clarity of Humility to our awareness, as we humbly served those who surrounded our camp space. With us, we brought the infamous geometric bamboo dome, blankets, pillows, stuffies, and the like to fill the circle with home. With the help of tribe, we gifted coffee’s in the morning, enjoyed a french toast breakfast for all, and offered love and support. The weekend could not have ended on a better note, with the finalization of Closing Ceremony – co-creating a safe sanctuary for festival-goers to share their experiences and integrate transformation.

My eleven-day visit to Canada was quickly over and I flew back to San Diego, my home town. In a short eighteen-day stint, I completed my third book of the Adventures of Deiadora series, Being Deiadora: The Love Story Continues. Never have I written over 30,000 words and edited an entire book in such a short period of time – working endlessly Monday through Thursday afternoon, before having my two young kiddos Thursday through Sunday every week. I accomplished what I set out to accomplish and released the book on July 26 (Magnetic Moon, Dali 1), an intention that I had received and released just prior to my Alberta ULT (Unconditional Love Tour, or rather, the embodiment of it). I had planned to stay in Canada for six weeks, touring with Skye and gifting our books (amidst a myriad of other offerings) before heading down to Burning Man at the end of August, but the clarity of the intuition to complete the third book and be with my children (more) trumped the tour.

After the San Diego ULT was completed and my book was released, I spent one more weekend with the kids (yay!) and headed up on a plane to Calgary on Tuesday, July 29. When I arrived, we hit the ground running and gathered everything we needed for our journey to Fernie to visit the rents (Skye’s) before heading straight to Shambhala in BC. We packed the dome and headed out Thursday afternoon, arriving safely close to midnight. After an adventurous weekend assisting in a dream house build, enjoying a coffee shop visit, walk by the river, and climb of the ski mountain, we left Monday morning to set up our camp space.

Monday and Tuesday quickly came and went and what a joy it was to see our fellow Sham-goers faces when they arrived to a completed set up, trickling in over the next few days. Tens of hundreds of vulnerable conversations, meetings, and happenings occurred over the course of the Music & Art festival, more than I could have imagined or planned for. The level of transparency and honesty that unfolded was magical, to say the least. Present-moment revelations and the recollection of old stories manifested in the releasing of old energy and the unfolding of new story. It was very apparent that transformation had taken place within the collective tribe of friends that had gathered and that we were grateful for what had transpired as we worked together as a team on Monday in the heat of the sun to tear down and clean up before heading home. #Teamwork

It is now that I sit and write, piecing together the majestic beauty, unity, truth, and illumination that has transpired over the past seventeen days while here in Canada. Another ULT has come and went as I prepare to head home to San Diego before making my way with a fellow tribe Sister to perform at Center Camp Cafe at Burning Man. The love story continues as we embody new story through the medicine of community and honour one another in our highest frequency. Here’s to the Magnetic Moon and another magnificent unfolding of what is, was, and always will be: Love.

With you in our hearts,

The Collective Tribe

(Jenny // Deiadora)


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