Illuminated Inshala


Rain was falling from the dull grey clouds in the sky above. Evening was approaching faster on account of the hazy blanket covering the open prairies of Southern Alberta. As I neared the Inshala festival grounds in my camper Magic, I was overtaken by thoughts of separation. Now minutes from the gate I suddenly felt like parking elsewhere so as to avoid speaking with anyone. I felt like curling in a ball and crawling into bed to hide until morning. What a strange resistance to witness upon arriving back into community after a year of travel!

Turning the final corner onto the muddy path leading to the gathering, I was confronted with a strange fellow who seemed intent on remaining in front of Magic, despite my best efforts to go around him. Nearing the camper, the strange fellow suddenly transformed into an alchemist brother who transmuted my shadow experience into a welcoming love. The heavy rain lifted momentarily. I Am Home.

Finding a place to camp was too easy on account of the giant mud lake I drove into. Acceptance. Welcoming family spotted the camper and ran over to embrace my return, and I theirs. All around me as I wandered the space were awakened smiles. All around me as I conversed were open hearts. All around me as I listened were enlightened ones. When did everyone become so wise and beautiful? Have they always been, and in my hubris I did not see? Perhaps the only ingredient missing was attention.

In the space of timelessness I can see the light of others burning intently. The spark of imagination and creativity. Illuminating inspiration insights inception in illustrious Inshala. A tight community of abundantly generous people co-creating the entire festival experience. The techno-shamans initiating the delicious dancers in ecstatic and (at times) orgasmic expressions of movement. Teachers of wisdom facilitating multiple load downs about health, balance, motion, emotion, and community commotion. Merchants of a new economy displaying their treasures and wares to adorn the Inshalaites. A family of open hearted forest friends traveling the world together sharing the love of playfulness and adventure. An entire tribe gathered together to celebrate each other’s gifts in a joyous remembrance of our deep love and compassion for all of our brothers and sisters. All our relations.

For three rotations we collectively explored the medicine of community through art, dance, music, and co-creation. Inshala became our home and our neighbours became our family as we shared in the experience of giving. And in that giving we became open to receiving the seeds of a new kind of fulfillment. The connection of knowing deeply. The celebration of being received, heard, felt, or understood by another. The gratefulness of giving outside of one’s self. The time is now and we carry the seed of choice with us into the future and the world beyond Inshala. May we learn to embody our lessons and create the invitations for others to step into greater love for each other.

Leave no trace,

The Collective


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