Quintessential Querencia (His Story)


Quintessential Querencia (His Story)

The only way this will work is for me to simply start. Or better, to relax into the knowing that whatever happens along the path is occurring in alignment to my highest potential and that there is only choice. And when I say me, I also mean you. Is that truth? Who the fuck knows. I do. You do too. It’s whatever story you choose. Because what if our stories influence our lives? How would you uncover the truth of such an idea?

I packed my backpack in a flurrious attempt to be out the door and on the ferry in less than half an hour. Refusing to acknowledge the disappointment in myself for not making the early boat, I became defensive when a brother reflected back the reality of not having enough time. A moment later and I release the attachment to the passing wave; I would take the next ferry – I could relax and enjoy a final meal with my hosts. Remembering that my time is my own.

Sitting at the table I find myself traveling through the spaces of the few weeks in community at the home known as Querencia. An experience of profound fulfillment, connection, knowing, and gifting. An expansion from the community of one, two, three, and beyond. The illuminations of a jedi master. The valour of a ninja warrior. The florescence of an amazon queen. The peace of a buddha wizard. The truth of a knight alchemist. The unity of a star gem. The beauty of a pulsar flower.

Coming together in sacred council. A recognition and honouring in one another. An opening of self to another and a discovery of connection. A chance to be seen. An opportunity to listen and hear. A supportive, buoyant space to be human together and to release the patterns of archetypal replay we all embody. No longer personal. No longer silent.

A large gathering of hearts around the campfire signals the start of the Gifting Circle. All are brought into resonance with one another; the container is created. Gifts and needs of all shapes, sizes, and colours are brought to light and exchanged, creating an incredible space of synchronicity and connection. Gratitude pours forth like a waterfall of life force, exploding out of each and into the center before flowing back out. Initiation complete.

A vision receives form in thought and moves to word: “Let’s build a blueberry labyrinth!”. Help arrives to expand and refocus the idea. Blueberry plants are found – a chance to save them from being tilled at their current farm home! One step after another, honouring the rest, trusting the organic, the labyrinth is slowly formed into the physical space. The pattern is traced and lined with hay. Soil is turned and mounds are made. Blueberries are planted with love and support. Water and cover with hay. Walking the walk. Taking the leap of faith into the heart of service. This is why I stayed longer than I initially intended.

As I step each day along the journey, immersed in the destination, I find my Self surrounded by incredibly creative people, doing massively beautiful things. The gift of feeling at home with family. Welcomed. Loved. Especially the tough love. The “I love you so much and want to punch a pillow because you are so darn good at showing me to myself” kind of love. The juicy, delicious, sensual type of love. The playful sibling love. The choice to leave for the fairy boat is made and I exchange fond farewells to my Querencia family. Their generous gifts and open hearts have filled me to the brim and I am honoured for the opportunity to have shared such beautiful space with others committed to their dreams of unity, beauty, truth, and illumination.

All ways in our heart. Thank you.

The Collective

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Why “His Story”? Skye and Jenny are currently embarking on the Unconditional Love Tour (#ULT @skyejennytct) via different spots on the map. Until their next convergence, they will be sharing their collective journalism continuing as The Collective (We are all “Interconnected” – Hear Jenny’s song now on SoundCloud).


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