Peaceable PARC


Peaceable PARC

It was a windy day in the small Californian town of Eureka. The sun blazing above kept the people warm and nourished as spring slowly returned to the coast. Jenny and I were making our way to a humble place of service known to the locals as PARC.

Our GPS directed us to the nearby street and we parked our elder camper named Magic on the side of the road. I reached into my visual memory to locate the back entrance to the wonderful community space. Wandering through the alleyway we discovered the gateway within. “People’s Action for Rights and Community” read the sign, the words sketched on by an artist in the creative flow of a time long passed.

The small backyard housed a tent for visitors in need of a safe space to sleep and provided opportunity for community meetings of hands and hearts. There is a war against the homefree in this area and PARC is the immune response. They know that starving a problem does not make it go away. PARC is about hand ups, not hand outs.

Reaching the door to the home we give a soft knock to announce our arrival. The response from within queries our identity and welcomes us inside the abode of service. PARC’s loving steward jumps up with excitement at our timely arrival, her heart beaming bright with the love she exudes for the community. A warm embrace to match the smiles fills the room with a magical enchantment and the nourishing fulfillment that only service can create overflows and touches us deeply. This space is appreciated by the many who receive its loving warmth.

An expansive arsenal of inspiration, wisdom, connection, and beauty covers the walls and fills the space all around. Beautiful souls constantly rotate through this community space and are always welcome with open arms. Whether the need is for a bathroom, a kitchen, toiletries, internet access, a printer, food, a bed, a friendly face, a warm embrace, clothing, books, or help with a bumpy encounter, PARC is the place to be. Connecting people together by connecting with people gives strong roots to a world of compassionate relationships.

Working tirelessly in service, PARC’s angel of giving shows us the embodiment of new story during our short time here. Her dedication to the people of the community inspires us as we witness her unwavering commitment to serving the needs of those who come to her. Those who can contribute to the cause do so in whatever way they are able. A team of volunteers coordinate events in the public sphere while others gift money to support the continued existence and thriving of this essential offering. The entire dream made possible through the giving of those who believe in its mission of service.

After a fulfilling visit of giving and receiving we offer our warm wishes and give our hearts’ goodbyes. The room behind us filled with grateful hearts, we depart the space to continue on our journey north together. Our love and trust sent to this incredible place of giving and community embodiment so that it can continue to be for the many under its wings of support. In beauty, unity, truth, and illumination we ride on together.


To Connect with PARC online and to learn more about their services, check out:

Here to access their fundraising platform and donate monitude

Email the organizer to stay updated or give feedback and other support at

In Gratitude,

The Collective

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