Opening the Sonic Portal

sonic portal

 Opening the Sonic Portal

Wandering through the sea of people I came upon a most peculiar sight. The attention of many was directed toward a geometric structure with multiple metal gongs hanging around the sides. An opening to the portal drew me in to the center along with a throng of other mystical beings. The portal closed and our collective vessel was cleared for liftoff.

The vivacious vortex vagabond began his introduction and provided the guidance for the beginners venturing into the interdimensional realms of experience. Passengers please keep your eyes closed and body relaxed for the journey inward, outward, upward, and downward. Welcome aboard The Sonic Portal. Enjoy the flight.

A soft hum begins to fill the background and enters my ear sense door. A chill runs up my spine as new vibrations create resonance between me and the others in the dome. An orchestra of colours begin to pierce my eyelids in tune to the extradimensional harmonics. Higher tones lift me up the spine and blow open the vistas of visual imagination hiding within. My body hears the clarion call and my cells awaken to the pulse of life. Wait. What body?

I am the transcendental timespace geometry being projected onto the digital loom of reality. I am awakened to the dream. We are light, merged together by unknown processes creating one vibrational union. What is this space of no-thing? It is the space of every-thing. And nothing. We Are Here. We Are Home.

The subsonic frequencies begin to land the ship as we slowly remember who and where we are. A soothing voice ensures us that we have returned safe, as promised. “This is our service,”, she says, “We offer this experience as a gift and ask that if you feel called to support, your love gets us to the next festival to be of further service to others. Hugs, drugs, and gas money – it all helps! Thank you for sharing in this journey together.”

I wiggle my fingers and toes to confirm I know how. The others are similarly slow to return but a sweet smiling face is ready to lend a hand out onto solid ground. A buzz of excitement follows the newly emerging space travelers. Inspiration guides the reciprocation of gratitude for each individual. Some give money, others a hug or a story. Seeders of a gift economy. A new model of doing business and creating experience. What an exciting story! Gifting all-ways. After leaving my expression I turn to venture forth into the music of the infinite unknown.



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