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Beatlicious Bass Panda

Finishing the line drops back home and connecting on the interwebs, Jenny and I depart the nourishing local coffee shop in Trinidad, California. With a freshly new mix in hand and our hearts newly fresh for the final push to Portland, we begin the next chapter. As the latest winner of a radio show contest, Bass Panda graciously sent us his new beats to become the anthem of the next stretch of road travel.

Driving north along the coastal 101 freeway quickly became a little more than we bargained for. Our hearts grateful and minds trusting, we move through the space of no-money and hit the start button on the journey’s soundtrack. Turn up the volume!

The uplifting bounce emanates from the speakers and drowns out the roar of the engine as we wind through the final red wood trees of Northern California. Bass Panda’s musical finesse transitions flawlessly between tracks, mashing together classics with freshics to create something entirely novel for our ears. Our heads bounce furiously. We exchange multiple ear-to-ear grins.

Halfway through the seated drive-dancing a sound is heard, not from the speakers, but from the engine! We are climbing a major hill and there is a leaking spray filling the cabin. Smells like engine coolant. The temperature gauge climbs unabatedly.

I pause the Bass Panda audio adventure as Magic makes it to the top of the monstrous climb. A momentary panic as I remember my tool bag having been taken – do I have what I need to fix it? I jump out and discover a hole in a coolant hose and the high pressure liquid is spraying all over the motor! I examine the damage and await the solution. Thankfully, I am able to give the proper attention to the flare up and the repair is made. On our way again. Play the Panda. Recommence sexy seat dancing.

Hard hitting grime fills the camper as we pass the sign announcing the state of Oregon. Fingers and hands move in time to the musical rhythms. Pine trees line the cliffs on either side of the road as our path narrows and winds through the mountainous terrain. Our spirits are uplifted at the successful solution implementation for Magic – the engine remaining cool and running smoothly again. I open my window to let in the fresh air to match the fresh beats and a giant smile has pasted itself to my face.

An hour long journey through the beatlicious harmonics of the DJ known as Bass Panda has certainly matched the intensity and amplitude of our road journey. Once again and always an absolute joy to let the body move and resonate to the tunes of this DJ. We are grateful for his gifts of music and Bass Panda mixes often energize our camper as we move and groove through life. Through his uplifting, energizing, and full body engaging techno-shamanism, Bass Panda carries us into and beyond a potentially halting experience of transition. Connected across space and time through the rhythms of music. Unified by harmonic resonance. Imbued with gratitude and fueled by inspiration.

In play,

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To connect with Bass Panda online, please check out:

His facebook page to stay up to date with shows and mixes

His soundcloud page to download, comment, and share some delicious beats

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