Dreamweaver Bus - Summer Festival Tour 2019

Are you ready for a transformative adventure into community and celebration - exploring the camping, music, arts, and dance at some of the most exciting festivals Western Canada has to offer?
Read on to find out more and grab a seat or a bed on any of the Dreamweaver festival quests this upcoming summer!

The Journey

During the summer months of 2019, the Dreamweaver bus will be traveling to music festivals across Western Canada, including Astral Harvest, Shambhala, Inshala, and Wicked Woods. We are the crew providing the welcoming sanctuary space known as “Camp Heart On” to the many festival goers who have shared in the magic of our community over the past 7 years.

At the core of The Collective Tribe, the Dreamweaver Bus, and Camp Heart On, is the story of the gift. We recognize that all of what we do is made possible thanks to the gifts and support of others, and that generosity inspires us to offer back the best value we can, together.

In order for this summer tour to roll along smoothly, we need others on board with the dream's vision. It is a true model of teamwork making the dreamwork. There are many ways to get involved, and after a successful 2016 bus-test-run, second year tour in 2017, and third summer tour in 2018, we are excited to share the festival destinations for 2019 with you!

Festival Quest Reciprocation Scale - Keeping the Bus Rolling!

To keep a balance between needs for the bus as well as the value and affordability to you, the seats on the Dreamweaver bus are offered on a sliding scale - with the reciprocation range reflecting how much you want to give back to the bus. Each journey (detailed on the right) has the total operating cost of the trip (based on how far it is and previous year's $/km breakdown), along with the suggested range to help share the operating costs and expenses to get there. We share the financials transparently and you can rest easy that every dollar goes right back into keeping the bus rolling for others into the future!

We are all invited to help fill the seats and share the expense load to make it affordable for everyone! With a full bus it is a great deal for all, so let's fill it! 🙂

If you want to reserve a spot, you have two options - 'ride along', or 'camp in style' (details below). Both options require a $50 deposit to save your seat or bed. The rest is due upon departure, or if the specific trip costs less you can get refunded the difference.

*After you have reserved your spot, you will be emailed more specific details for your journey*

*You are responsible for your entry/ticket into the festival!*

The monetary reciprocation that is requested is an invitation for you to help us realize this collective vision. All funds go directly into the bus, contribute to the conversion, transformation, smooth operation, and ensure the Dreamweaver bus services continue. All contributions are redirected and put to use in the most effective and transparent means possible.

The Dreamweaver Bus is an offering of value and support to the community, and only happens with many hands making light work. There are other ways to contribute, including creativity (time) or materials, if money is not something you are able to offer. Please inquire if you would like to be a part of the bus in some way - we value all forms of contribution, collaboration, and gifting if it aligns with our vision.

The Destinations

**Each trip shows the total operating expenses, based on the distance traveled. The scale shows the range between 6 passengers (upper range) and 14 passengers (lower range) and is for a return trip. Please read "The Journey" on the left for full details**


I. Astral Harvest Festival    (Driftpile, AB)




II. Shambhala Music Festival     (Salmo, BC)




III. Inshala 11: Transform     (Fort McLeod, AB)




IV. Wicked Woods   (Fairmont Hot Springs, BC)

Departure: Friday, September 13th from Calgary, AB @ 9 am

Return: Monday, September 16th - afternoon

Total Bus Expense: $500                  Reciprocation Scale: $35 - $70

Ready to Embark on Your Transformative Summer Adventure?

Within the festival container, co-created as a collective dream – a shared reality, freed from the constraints of the default world – we are gifted an opportunity to explore the wonder and magic of the transformative. What is it that gives rise to powerful shifts within an individual at a festival? How can we deeper embody our experience so as to carry their lessons beyond the temporary gathering and into our daily lives?

Read on to discover the exciting Dreamweaving options available...

Ride Along

The best memories are made on the journey and we would love to have you along!
(There is room for 14 passengers total on the bus)

**Here are your treasures from this choice**

  • Transportation to and from the festival on a super comfy, spacious, veggie fueled bus with solar power and travel tunes
  • Great travel company, engaging conversations, time to catch up on z's, and room for crafting - whatever you are in the mood for on the ride
  • Plenty of storage space to bring everything you need for your quest (even the kitchen sink!) - ((Must bring your own camping gear))
  • Opportunity to camp with us at the supportive sanctuary of Camp Heart On - with access to our communal kitchen and cozy bamboo dome!
  • All the solar power to charge your devices to your heart's content
Reserve Your Seat!

Camp in Style

The Dreamweaver Bus features private sleeping space for 6 people for the duration of each quest. There are four bunk beds (with enough space for a cozy cuddle if you need) and a luxurious queen bed space for two (aka the honeymoon suite). This option is for anyone who wants to grab a bed on the bus for the festival and there are some other perks in the mix below.

If you want to grab a bed on the bus, we ask for an additional reciprocation in order to cover costs that went into creating the amenities. For a bunk bed, please add an additional $20-$40 per night and for the honeymoon suite add $40-$60 per night (total, can be shared between two people).
This will give you access to:

  • Transportation, storage, and other perks in the 'Ride Along' option, plus:
  • Private sleeping space on the bus with decorative curtains, personal storage cubbies for belongings, warm LED lighting, outlets to charge devices, and a cooling fan for those hot mornings
  • Functioning bathroom with compost toilet and outdoor shower
  • Use of the interior kitchen, including: a solar powered refrigerator and freezer, dishes and utensils, and cooking stove
  • Lots of room to chill with friends and tabled workspace to get crafty with your costumes and other creations
  • Being a part of Camp Heart On - with a great tribe and cozy bamboo dome!
Reserve Your Bed!